My Story

Well here is more about me, I am a  country music singer/songwriter musician and have been performing and releasing
cds for several years. I am currently living in Mississippi,  moving from the Carolinas just recently.  I took some time
off performing to release my Greatest Hits project this past year and am now getting ready to start performing again.
 I have several links to pages about my music so feel free to browse and check out all the tunes and download or
purchase a cd if you like.

I began playing around with the guitar at the ripe old age of 9 and wrote a little song by 11. Of course it was a silly little
song to me but it was a start. I came from a long line of musicians/songwriters that played in bands and did local radio
shows and recorded a few tunes,  so it was inevitable that one of the many siblings would pick it up.
 My first release was on a compilation CD  with several other writers in the 90's that received some radio airplay in
several US states and other parts of the world.  I released my debut CD in 2007  Cowboy Shakes that aired on radio
stations all over the world. The song the Cowboy's Shake ranked #83 on the ECMA TOP 100 Charts and also charted in
the top 10 in several countries  Also a few other songs one being  He's alittle to sweet for a Redneck Country Girl  ranked
in the top 10 charts in several countries around the world. Since my debut release in 2007 I have released a 2 track release
every year. This past year my Greatest Hits was a consolidation of many tracks over the course of the many releases and
several new tunes that have been getting alot of recognition. 

Albums Include - Cowboy Shake's ,  Pinch Myself , Angels and Demons , Pickups and Ponies , Home , amd a classic Rock project Dreams with another to follow Elephant Abroad with all acoustic sounds , The Greatest Hits my latest project.

 My accomplishments include  a television show in Nashville The Tennessee Hayride Jamboree as an opener for MCA Artist Marty Brown and  another National Competition in Myrtle Beach South Carolina The True Value Country Music Showdown.  I also performed on a  local television show in Myrtle Beach South Carolina . I have done backup vocals on several projects for others and myself.  My band  The Usual Suspects performed in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.  I was the lead singer and lead guitarist during this time.

I am a member of BMI Nashville and  NSAI Nashville Songwriters Association  having had one song " Demon Whiskey " picked as a candidate in the run of songs to go to the Record Label Publisher Luncheon in 2012.  I think thats all of my accomplishments, thus far,   I'm just  getting started .   I took some time off as i said  and I am looking forward to performing again. There's nothing sweeter than a nice acoustic jam session with the audience.  Stay tuned for My New Acoustic Duo  Group Carolina  Magnolia.

Check out all the links   CD Baby , Itunes , Reverbnation  just to name a few , or Google me or use your own search engine or favorite music store or online service to download .